A True Account of One Man's Encounters with God

This website describes a series of miracles and visions that happened to me
over a six year period and changed my faith to certainty. I dedicate this story to
the Divine Presence who lives in each and every one of us.

                       John Paschal, MD        Revised C
hristmas, 2007

                                                    VISIONS OF GOD


Over the past several years I have struggled with the task of writing down my experiences with God. I think I was
waiting for a greater understanding of these experiences that would provide clarity about God’s true nature, and man’
s relationship to God.These questions have puzzled man for thousands of years, so it is not unexpected that my
understanding is incomplete and perhaps unknowable to the human mind. I can only describe what happened to me
over a six-year period, between 1996 to 2002, when a series of miracles and visions occurred, and tell about my
perceptions and feelings concerning these events. The limits of my understanding do not take away from the
spectacular nature of what happened, or the joy of directly experiencing the truth of God’s presence.
If someone had told me years ago that I would write a story about God and personal miracles, I would have laughed
out loud. Raised in the Christian tradition, I believed miracles were reserved to scriptural references and rare sacred
events that were the province of saints. Certainly God would choose someone worthier, more spiritual, and more
faithful than me to pour the blessings of Heaven upon. Well, I was wrong on all accounts!
Words cannot do justice to sacred experiences, because the truth is in the experience, not in its description. There
are no words that adequately describe the bliss you feel in the presence of God. With that disclaimer, I will try to tell a
great story about personal awakening, and the little I know about the greatest mystery of all; God.
Throughout recorded history mankind has speculated about the true nature of his being, and how that nature fits in
with his beliefs about God. Everyone has an answer; their answer, and a philosophy based on their views of
themselves and the world. These beliefs form the basis of their self-concept, and define how God can or cannot act in
their world.
For most of mankind, religion forms the greater framework upon which we build our understanding of self and God. In
the absence of direct experience and knowledge about our true nature and God, we gravitate toward belief systems
and organized religions that “fill in the blanks”. The world’s great religions were founded on the lives of a very few
enlightened beings and prophets who had direct experiences of God. Reborn to their true nature, their lives and
teachings reshaped the world socially, politically, and spiritually. “One with God is a majority” is a phrase that well
applies to these precious few. Their teachings have brought hope and inspiration to billions long after they left the
Even a casual reading of religious history will reveal many priests, saints, and devotees who had direct experiences of
the Divine mystery we call God. Their blissful experiences changed their lives and self-concepts, and contributed to
the development of their respective religions. These men and women were also few in number, but left behind a
legacy of faith and lives devoted to God. Coming from diverse cultures and personal histories, their common thread
was a radical conversion following their experiences.
Mankind is asleep. We live our lives with our awareness and consciousness limited to our minds and physical form
believing that is the sum total of our being. In this state it is easy to reduce God to a concept, and believe God is
remote and ineffectual in this world. God becomes distant and disconnected from our being.  With no personal or
objective evidence of God’s existence, some deny that God exists. Nothing could be further from the truth.


Prior to my first experience in 1996, I was living the American dream. A satisfying career, happy family life, material
blessings, and close friends characterized my life. We were active in a local church, where I was reacquainted with
Christian theology and prayer. An interest in metaphysics was rekindled from my teenage years, and I began to
meditate and pray daily. My prayers, over a five-month period, for Divine guidance were answered miraculously.
On November 17, 1996, I went to sleep and had a very lucid dream. Standing in a hallway facing four men of different
sizes and appearances, one man stepped forward and was directly in front of me. He was about six feet tall, with a
stocky build, and dark hair and beard, and he smiled at me with a round kindly face. He said “John, are you ready to
be touched by God?”. Yes was my reply. As he moved to embrace me, the fingers of his left hand made a sign that
was barely perceptible to my peripheral vision.  He asked “did you see the sign?”, and I nodded yes. The moment he
embraced me everything changed. I was filled with the most incredible light and energy, and had the sensation I was
rising upward. Engulfed in waves of energy, I experienced the most intense joy and peacefulness beyond all words. I
was unaware of my surroundings, but very aware of my being. Ascending upwards, I passed through a level of what
could be described as a tunnel of walls composed of shiny black faceted material like obsidian, and emerged into
brilliant light. I continued moving upward in the light; smiling as I realized I had been transformed. The next scene
appeared quickly, with me standing on a hilltop overlooking a city at night. Words came out of me, five or six
sentences, of which I remember only the first; “This is the path I have chosen and it is the most important path.”
Looking up into the night sky, to my left was a rectangular doorway filled by a white robed figure. Light streamed from
around the figure, and beyond him were lighter blue skies. Instinctively, I knew the Christ stood before me.
Suddenly my eyes opened and I was lying next to my wife in bed. I did not wake up as one would from a dream; there
was no transition. My eyes opened in that same blessed state! Light, energy, and bliss filled my entire being. I lay on
my back basking in the Divine Light until slowly over several minutes the light/energy began to “step down” toward a
more ordinary state of consciousness. After a brief attempt to wake my wife, I lay there with a huge smile, my body
tingling, until I fell back to sleep.
My second experience occurred ten months later in September of 1997. In July, I had the hardest test of my life; what
many call the dark night of the soul. For the first time in a long marriage, our relationship became strained. With no
resolution in sight, I became increasingly depressed. When it started to affect my work, I knew I was in trouble and
something had to change. Coming home one Friday night, we sat down to talk and ended the evening with a prayer
that highest wisdom is done regardless of our personal desires
We retired to separate bedrooms, and I fell asleep amidst more fervent prayers. I awoke suddenly at 3:00 am with a
loud humming noise in my left ear. Lying in bed on my left side with the covers off, there was enough ambient light to
see the familiar surroundings of the bedroom. The humming noise in my left ear increased in intensity and filled the
entire room. The hum became an audible vibration that hit my body with a frequency of 4-6 cycles a second. The
vibration was so strong that I thought it was an earthquake, but quickly dismissed the possibility; having been through
several earthquakes. If I was not fully awake at that point, I was in the next instant, when my body began to move back
and forth on the bed in phase with the energy vibration in the room. For the next few seconds, my body was being
moved over the surface of the bed several inches in each direction by the pulsating waves of energy. Equally as
suddenly everything stopped. Then I felt His hands on my head. As those great hands of Light cupped the top of my
head, compressing my hair, I thought
the Lord is real and he has come to me! From the position of his hands on my
head, his body would have been behind the headboard of the bed and into the wall. Obviously physical barriers did
not apply to Him. His hands moved slowly and symmetrically across my head; one hand on either side. The Light from
His hands was shinning through my skull, into my brain, like two large flashlights. The beams of Light moved in unison
with His hands around the circumference of my head in a distinctive pattern, and ended with His fingertips touching
the angle of my jaw. When His fingers touched my jaw, I felt suddenly fearful that His hands would go for my neck!
In the next moment the hands were gone, and I felt someone lying behind me, pressing on my body with an arm
around my right shoulder. Turning my head to the right, I saw nothing but felt the warmth and pressure of a body
against mine. I reached across with my left hand, up behind my head, and touched his beard! The beard was soft and
curly, and as real as any hair I have ever touched. With that touch I knew immediately who He was, and I said “Oh my
Jesus” as I melted into indescribable joy. In an instant, He was lying in front of me holding me in his Divine arms.
Within that magnificent presence, He seemed to go on and on forever. He spoke then in a clear human voice I will
never forget. He said he had not come to harm me. My heart spoke in reply:”I want to come home”. He withdrew then;
his Presence rising upward rapidly. All sadness and discord were gone; healed by His Light and Love. My wife and I
spent the rest of the night holding each other, laughing, and thanking God for all His blessings!
Philosophically, these two experiences answered the big questions about God and man, and radically changed my
paradigm about the purpose of life. Imagine the freedom that occurs when you know God exists, the Christ is a living
being, and you have a soul. As I was raised into the light, I remember my first perception was that this felt like home,
like the real me, even though I had never experienced it before in this life. The absolute bliss in that expanded state
felt like my true and complete self; the Divine Soul within.
Since the incredible night that Christ held me in his arms, many wonderful and mystical experiences have occurred,
but I look back at that night as the turning point. The blessing of that visit lives in me now; spiritually and physically.
The Divine Light from his hands changed my physical body, such that I can sense energy flowing into and within my
body. I believe he awakened or activated channels within my body that allows this pervasive energy to flow more
The miracle of Christ entering the physical world to deliver me from my anguish testifies to God’s love and mercy.
While in his embrace, I was aware of a whole world within Him that opened up in front of me. The perception is difficult
to describe, but it was like standing on the threshold of a vast expanse. I learned that night what real power Christ has
in this world.


Awake thou that sleepest, and arise from the dead, and Christ shall
Give thee light.
                                       Ephesians 5: 14

Soon after Christ’s visit in 1997, I was awakened from a deep sleep by a brilliant intense light filling my whole body .
Instantly awake and startled, the light poured into me as if it was coming from above me in bed. With open eyes I
rolled onto my back as the intensity of the light increased, and an electrical vibration filled my body. Recognizing that
this was God’s Light, I gave thanks; my heart filling with love. I literally basked in that Light for several minutes until it
withdrew. I lay there for a long time too excited to go back to sleep.
That blessed event was repeated many times over the years; each time unique and unexpected. Within the Light is a
silent loving Presence that is inseparable from the radiance of the light energy. One evening as the Light began to
fade; I spontaneously said “I am the Presence of God within me”. Immediately, the Light tripled from its original
intensity, and my whole body was electrified and filled with love! What a joyous confirmation from God!
Ordinary light strikes a surface and is absorbed or reflected. If it is intense, like bright sunlight, it transfers heat to the
surface but does not penetrate beneath the surface. Divine Light is incredibly brilliant, and literally fills the body and
consciousness simultaneously. More accurately I would describe it as light energy or electronic light that penetrates
throughout the body; raising the vibration of the atoms, cells, and tissues of the body. An audible deep humming is
present as the electronic waves raise to a crescendo, plateau, and then subside. Often there is an accompanying
sizzling sensation in parts of the body. This influx of higher energy is never uncomfortable. On the contrary, the
physical body loves the Light as much as does the consciousness.
Divine Light projects downward some distance before it enters the body. Two distinct patterns of projection can occur.
Either the Light appears as a “spotlight” illuminating the body from above, or as a funnel of light pouring into the head
and upper torso. Regardless of the orientation of the body, the Light always comes from “above”. The mind perceives
the Light directly and independent of the usual visual pathways. With eyes open one can see the familiar
surroundings of the room, while brilliant light floods the mind and body.
From the spiritual dimension, Divine Light passes through an internal opening above and directly into the mind and
body. The influx of the Light is a wholly (Holy) internal event that would not be seen by an observer in the room. In
Luke 18:21, Jesus says “The Kingdom of God is within you”, and so it is.
Divine Light carries an energetic vibration that electrifies or quickens the flesh and opens up the consciousness. The
mind becomes quiet and receptive in the presence of the Light. One desires only to experience the unique quality of
that state; to silently participate as a willing vessel. Within the Light, the mind floats in an ocean of energy and love
absorbing pure Spirit. These experiences are humbling, and often I bowed my head in response and said “I love you
my Beloved Father”.
For several days afterwards, the physical body holds residual energy that is especially prominent and focused at the
crown of the head, mid-line above the brow, and the middle of the upper chest. A pervasive peacefulness fills the
thoughts, and the world seems a little brighter.


   And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit
  upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your
  young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams.
                                                                                                Acts 2:18

Visions are direct communication between you and God. After reading several books about historical mystics, I was
impressed by both the variety of experiences reported and the similarities of the events. Visions are very personal
and apply to the current state of the individual, yet their content and meaning are universal. They involve the
universal principals of man’s relationship with God, the glory and presence of God within man, and the awakening of
man’s soul. My visions have always come while asleep, and begin as dream sequences that have an obvious spiritual
content. What makes these visions and not lucid dreams is that during the dream divine light floods into my being,
and the remainder of the dream occurs in the Light in full consciousness. The presence of the Light confirms the true
nature of the experience; a vision from God!
My first vision occurred in my early twenties on a visit to my parents’ house during college. During a vivid dream
sequence where I was standing between two recumbent tigers, I was transformed/uplifted by what I now know was
Divine Light/Energy, and the name Michael was spoken in a divine voice. After I was “transformed”, I went through the
dream sequence and awoke in full consciousness filled with “energy”. An excerpt from that vision shows the real
meaning of that initial encounter. “I felt uplifted as an instrument of divine will. I left the rooftop ‘birthplace” and began
to wander around from place to place meeting many different people who all recognized me as some type of angel or
reborn Christ. I told them to be ready for Christ and to place his will above their own.”  Thankfully, I wrote down the
experience in detail; a habit that has served me well with later experiences. The pattern of that first vision was
repeated many times almost twenty years later.
Nearly all of my visions or experiences of divine light occur in the middle of the night while deep asleep. I used to
laugh when I would open my eyes and the clock would show 3:00am. I wondered if I was so hard-headed that God
would have to wait until I was totally unconscious to bring these experiences. Seriously, I do think it is precisely
because my analytic mind was asleep, and I was therefore receptive, that 3:00 am was the norm. Shortly after
beginning a lucid dream, the Divine Light would enter my body and the remainder of the vision would occur while filled
with that Light. The visions are typically short, and end with me opening my eyes in full awareness and filled with light
Besides the importance of the theme of that first vision, the fact that the name “Michael” was spoken is significant.
This was the first of two times that I have heard a clearly divine voice in a vision. These voices, unlike human voices,
are musical and expansive, and are spoken with power. In all the world’s religions there is only one divine being
named Michael, namely the Archangel who is the Prince of the Angelic Host. I believe it was in fact Michael who
initiated that vision.
I have had several visions concerning the balance of light and dark, and their integration within the soul. The first
highly symbolic vision concerned the struggle between these inner forces. I will repeat it here in its entirety as I
recorded it upon awakening.“I was in a room sitting in the middle of a bed looking at an evening outside scene.
Written in the scene, like text from a book, was a paragraph that started something like “On Wednesday the balance
between Light and Dark will be exactly equal and …” (don’t remember the rest of the words). After I read the words, I
was pulled forward toward the edge of the bed and the outside scene. There was an audible humming vibration in the
air. I was being drawn forward toward the written paragraph. As I was pulled forward, I spoke: “I AM the Light of God; I
AM the Blessed Light of God”. As I began to speak these words, the electronic light entered me; vibrating my body
and focusing in the heart chakra. Holding onto my left arm was a creature that I could not see, but I heard a feline cry
as I was pulled forward. As the Light entered, the cry changed to the howl of a monkey, and I was pulled backward.
The feline cry was the darkness, and the victory howl of the monkey represented the opposing light. I awoke with the
electronic light vibrating in my body”.
The second vision concerning light and dark forces began as a longer dream of spiritual significance that ended with
these forces united as I floated in an ocean of Light energy. The dream sequence began with me walking into a two
story wooden hotel that looked like it was out of an old western movie. I walked down the hall and looked in the mirror,
and was surprised by an unfamiliar face staring back at me. I had long white hair and “raw” looking grey eyes, and
was attired in a long white robe. I walked into a circular chamber where several people were seated around a circular
table. Without speaking I knew they recognized me as a master, and I walked out and up the stairs. A doorway
appeared at the end of the hall with light streaming under the door. I felt a chill as if something evil was beyond the
door. Upon opening the door, I discovered a parlor filled with old oak furniture and several adults and children. One
adult said there was something evil in the room. I turned the palm of my right hand outward, scanning the room, and
detected a force coming from the armoire. I opened the armoire doors and removed a metal tray with a rectangular
cover, and moved it to the table. Sitting at the table, I began to speak in a foreign language that was unfamiliar, but
sounded like Latin. I spoke five or six perfectly enunciated sentences in a powerful voice. In response to the
incantation, the lid of the metal tray began to vibrate violently and I instructed the people to “get the children out”. The
lid blew off the tray, and a burst of grey energy shot upward. The next few moments, I observed a battle above my
head as waves of light and energy clashed against each other. The battle ended suddenly, and the “grey” energy
withdrew to the corner of the room to my right. I turned toward the grey cloud and said: “There is room in here for all
of you”. In response the grey energy shot into my chest at the exact instant that the Divine Light entered my body. I
was floating in a mass of colored ribbons or waves of energy within the Light. I remember being happy that I was not
harmed or lessened by the presence of the darkness. In fact I was elated and felt a sense of completion. At this point,
I was fully awake in bed, thanking God, as I floated in these currents of energy within the Light.
It was not a coincidence that Spirit or Divine Light entered me at the instant I invited the “darkness” into my being. I
believe it is only with the power of Spirit that these forces can be “balanced”. The opposites collapse and exist
together in unity.
From my limited experience and those recorded by Christian mystics, many visions are revelations about the majesty
and glory of God. They are a supernatural wake-up call. I will describe two such visions that occurred within several
months of each other in 2001. Pentecost is a Christian holiday that falls seven Sundays after Easter Sunday. The
biblical accounts describe the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the apostles and followers gathered together in a large
room. With the sound of a “rushing wind”, flames of light appeared upon their heads as they were transformed by the
Holy Spirit. On Pentecost 2001, I attended church and had an otherwise normal day. After falling asleep that evening,
I was awakened by a ray of brilliant Divine Light shinning down like a spotlight into my head and upper body. As I
looked up the shaft of light, I saw an inverted dove in the Light. My upper chest (heart chakra) was filled with a sizzling
sensation while the Light bathed my mind and body. The vision ended quickly with me awake in bed, and filled with the
wonderful energy of the Holy Spirit.
Several months after the Pentecost experience, I had the most beautiful vision about serving God. The dream began
with me standing outside a large long building that appeared to be a university. In front of the building was an
expansive grassy area. I walked across the driveway and into the grassy area. Suddenly before me appeared a large
golden flame floating in the air. The flame was about 15 feet in front of me and appeared to be about six feet tall. It
was a three dimensional flame with three perfectly symmetrical points coming off a common rounded base. The flame
was spinning rapidly in a clockwise direction and throwing off golden rays of light in all directions. I understood I was
looking at God appearing in symbolic form, and I was in awe. I spoke aloud: “Who will speak for God”, and immediately
said: “I will speak for God”. As I spoke those words, my head bowed and I closed my eyes as the most intense Divine
Light filled my being from above. Within the rays of Light flowing into me were small packets or geometric shapes that
appeared to be condensations of the Light. I stood there for a long time with my head bowed; swept up in the Light. I
have never felt more humble. The scene changed instantaneously, and I was standing in front of a miniature female
figure that stood on a small mound of dirt. She was perhaps two feet tall and dressed in a long robe. Looking at her, I
knew she was a very powerful being but her power was used for her own selfish ends. She raised her right hand palm
forward in a challenge of power. I was unconcerned and placed the palm of my right hand against her palm. In the
brief test of power that ensued, she withdrew her hand. I said: “The key is to use the heart”. Right after that scene, I
opened my eyes in bed and enjoyed the electronic light filling my body
The golden flame was an awesome and beautiful sight. It represents the triune nature of God or the Holy Trinity. The
Dove in the Light of course represents the descent of the Holy Spirit. Both visions testify to the presence and
grandeur of God. My response to the golden flame was a desire to serve God. The scene that followed the golden
flame was a message to me that true spiritual power flows from the heart.


Union is when the consciousness is “raised up” into the Light and becomes one with Divine Consciousness. Words
utterly fail to describe that state. My experiences with Divine Light and the visions described above were receptive in
the sense that I was literally bathed in Spirit or Light. Those joyous encounters filled my body with electronic light
energy and quieted the mind. I was the humble recipient of Divine Grace. The mind opens and the quality of
consciousness is certainly enriched. When the consciousness is more fully raised into the Light, everything changes
dramatically. You look through divine eyes as a participant not a recipient of God’s Presence.
The first time I experienced this blessed state was the November, 1997 event that I described earlier. Several years
later I was taken further. It started in the middle of the night as a lucid dream. I was lying in a twin bed and looked over
and recognized Lord Michael in the other twin bed. I was lying on my right side as I sensed something was about to
happen. Suddenly a ball of white energy/light hit the base of my spine in the back. Although my head was turned the
other way, I could see this ball of light as it impacted and its’ repercussions through my body brought me to full
conscious awareness. The ball of light slowly ascended my spinal column taking perhaps five seconds to reach my
head. Once in my brain, the light exploded in a blinding flash. I was raised up instantly into union. I knew this state! I
was back! I basked in the pure ecstasy and love that is the foundation of Divine Presence. The air around me
vibrated with the same intensity as the vibrations within my being. I saw myself lying down again as the ball of white
light came again repeating the sequence of ascending my spinal column and exploding in my brain. This time the
crackling ball of light energy shot up my spine quickly and I was raised even further into that ecstatic state.
I was outside in the grass with a stone wall in front of me. I walked through the wall and sat down. I brought my knees
up and encircled them with my arms. My head was bowed. Above me was God! He was speaking to me and in
response I was laughing in sheer joy. I sensed a vast presence above me but did not look up. I don’t remember what
he said but I found it very funny. I got up and went through a series of dream-like scenes knowing that the Divine
Presence was with me in those brief scenes. In one scene I was walking with my brother who asked me about the Holy
Grail. I told him he felt the cup being filled (the Grail) as the Divine energy was raised through my body the second
time. In another scene I had a conversation with a priest who had lost faith in God. I talked about the event that shook
his faith. I told him a child who was apparently harmed was now wealthy. He understood and began to cry. There were
several other scenes about people in my life. I opened my eyes in bed with absolutely no change in that blessed state
of union. I closed them again and reveled in the clarity and purity of being united with God. The waves of energy
flowed around and through me, but my attention was on love. It was awhile before I got up and went to the kitchen to
write. I was still in that blessed state as I wrote:
" Awakening in blessed union; asleep or awake it is the same-What joy
it is to be in you-and dream-the dream of life. Telling you that I love you, asleep or awake I love you. Union is Joy
beyond the dreams of man"
Union is joy beyond the dreams of man. That says it all. An indescribable state of existence where you are yourself
but a different you than you could have imagined. You are not a separate consciousness within the confines of your
mind. You are part of the Godhead and the Godhead is part of you. Rather than lose your identity you take on a
much greater identity in God. Upon reflection, I am convinced there are many levels of experiencing union with the
Divine Presence. Perhaps I should say that the spiritual dimensions are vast and I was only given a brief blessed look.
Jesus said to his disciples:" My Father's house has many mansions". I also know with every fiber of my being that I
belong there; I am home there.


The preceding story is about one man’s encounters with the Divine Mystery we call God. I am sure there are many
others who have been blessed with similar experiences, although I have seen very little reported except in books
about historical mystics.
It is amazing to me how little I know about God but I now know He is there and we are
connected to Him. The sacred covenant between man and God is a central thesis of many religions and without it
there can be no spiritual growth. Yet we seem content to live our lives as if man is all that exists. It took a series of
miracles and visions to convince me otherwise!  
In the realm of human experience, there is no more important
question than what is man’s essential nature. The answer to that question always points to God, the Divine Presence,
in whom we walk, live, and have our being. Deep within your being is a door and behind that door is a great presence
waiting for you. May that door open for you and then you will know that all is well in God.

       Ye know not what manner of spirit ye are of
                                                      Jesus; Luke 9:55

© 2005 John F. Paschal

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